Q. What kind of accidents can be classified under Personal Injury?

Most of us have little clarity on what qualifies personal injury due to a lack of transparency and awareness amongst employees. Physical damage alone does not come under personal injury. It covers a broader range of acts and even intentional acts of another person to defame one’s character centers punishable under this law. 

Other than children, every year, lots of elders are abused in nursing homes, which qualifies for a lawsuit. Even compensation for domestic violence in daycare can be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.  

Q. Do we have to pay the lawyers upfront in personal injury cases?

The happy news is we never aim at extracting clients’ money. We are partners in their journey seeking justice. The client can settle the bill once the case is won.

Q. Is it possible even to sue facilities like gym/daycare/schools?

Claims for injury due to various reasons like the fight with other children or broken equipment in the playground can be filed. Most parents ignore the accidents at daycare centers, assuming that they are not liable. A child entrusted in daycare has to be taken care of safely, and equipment and the property have to be maintained in such a way to aid this.  

Q. Do I get to know the amount to be claimed for the accident?

Usually, the client may not be knowledgeable about this and might claim a far lesser than the amount than he is entitled to. We have guided a lot of clients in claiming the maximum compensation and made their future safer.