Personal Injury

A Guide to Personal Injury Law

A personal injury is an injury to the body, mind, emotions or all three. It is quite an obvious statement to say that people get injured every day, but it is quite uncommon for someone to be injured more than once. The typical personal injury claim would involve workplace injuries, car accidents and professional malpractice. Almost 70% of claimants receive a settlement for their personal injury claims. Settlements and court awards in personal injury cases typically range from $3,000 to $75,000, with an average compensation of $52,900.

The most important thing when looking for compensation is trying to find the right lawyer not only on a professional but a personal level. You are going to have to trust this lawyer with some personal trauma, who will be taken on an extremely hands on approach to your case. Often sharing a relatively unusual amount of time with their client as these cases are most often deeply personal.

Unlike other forms of law, personal injury law see`s the client rely on their lawyer to a far greater extent, due to the incapacitated nature of the client. The personal experience can be extremely painful for the client having to relive the traumatic events that took place.  From the lawyers point of view it is quite imperative that their client compensation can outweigh the cost of legislation, the average injury lawyer will ask for 33% to 40% in contingency fees, this means that as brutal as it may sound the worse the injury for the client the better for the lawyer, and the more likely your case will be taken.

Injury law is a grueling process, and when approaching it you will need to find a lawyer who will not look to take advantage of you, it is highly likely that you will receive a pay-out so it is extremely important you find a lawyer with a lower contingency fee and a strong amount of compassion.

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